Miso (Japanese: 味噌 miso) - traditional thick Japanese paste, made from fermented soy, usually with the addition of rice or barley, salt and yeast.

The most often thick paste is used for sauces, pickled (pickled) vegetables or meat, and also mixed with dashi, creating miso-shiru (Japanese: 汁 汁 miso-shiru), a popular soup in Japan.

Thanks to the high protein content and richness of vitamins and minerals, miso played the most important nutritional role in feudal Japan. Miso is still very popular both in traditional Japanese cuisine and in modern nutrition. Miso is mostly salty, but the taste and aroma depend on many factors and ingredients used during the fermentation process. There is a wide range of miso - salty, sweet, earthy, fruit and spicy varieties.

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미소 된장 (업소용)

Catalogue index: 409005

  • MIKO
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    • 20
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    • 21.5
  • Country of origin:
    • Japan