Tofu (jap. 豆腐 tōfu) - soy cottage cheese obtained in the process of coagulation of soy milk, according to legend, invented in China in 164. p.n.e. by Liu Ana.

In China, the cottage cheese is called 豆腐 dòufǔ, in the West its name is known in Japanese phonetics. Chinese tofu is gentler and thinner than Japanese because of the different tradition of preparing soy milk.

Tofu is a rich source of protein, which is especially important in the low-protein rice-based and milk-free Chinese cuisine. It is also a source of vegetable unsaturated fats and many vitamins. Tofu is low-calorie and does not contain cholesterol. It is a common ingredient of the original oriental dishes and European cuisine, meat dishes, vegetarian and vegan.


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